We’re rolling out a whole suite of tools and mini courses, tied together (and related to other tools you might already love to use) by a few key approaches and frameworks. Here’s an unofficial sneak peek at some of our release plans related to the tools we’ve shared before. (And although we’re not ready to spill all the beans yet, you can also expect a whole bunch of completely new stuff never before shared.)

Starting with Ideation

  • I Don’t Have an Idea!
  • So You (Think You) Have an Idea
  • Building Fluency, Intensity, and Variability for Ideation
  • Personal Ideastorming
  • Group Ideastorming
  • The Idea Napkin
  • Ideation as Search

Idea Modeling for
the Right Concept

  • Idea Modeling
  • The Idea Model
  • Changing (Instead of Playing) Your Odds
  • Idea Portfolios and Pathways
  • Connecting the Idea Model and the Business Model
  • Pre-totyping and the Four Prototypes of an Opportunity

Idea Validation and Business Design

  • Validating Your Idea
  • Assessing the Impact and Feasibility of Your Idea
  • Using the Idea Slide Rules
  • Tools for Deeper Critique and Assessment
  • Idea and Business Design
  • Designing for Really Big Value

Frameworks and Approaches

  • The Mini Business Plan
  • The Venture Design Studio
  • The Idea Maker Game
  • Deliberate Opportunity Design
  • Explaining and Reconceptualizing the MVP

Getting to Know the Right Customer

  • What is a Customer? User? Buyer? Beneficiary?
  • Knowing Your Customer Better than they Know Themselves
  • The Customer Iceberg Model
  • The Customer Persona (simple)
  • The Customer Persona (evolved)
  • The Customer Deep Dive

Designing the Right Value Proposition

  • Building a Good Value Proposition
  • Building a Bad Value Proposition
  • The Value Proposition Design Canvas
  • The Value Innovation Tool
  • Becoming Less and Less Wrong

On Pitching Your Passion

  • What is a Pitch?
  • Pitching Your Passion in 2-3 Minutes (an Infographic)
  • Pitching Your Passion in 2-3 Minutes (the mini course)
  • The Pitch as Prototype

The Power of The Inspired You

  • Getting Beyond Your Why and the Airport Bookshelf Self Help Books
  • Who the Heck are You?
  • The Most Important Fiction
  • The Inspired You