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In this mini workshop (webinar) I will:

  • Give you a tour of our new free online toolkit for idea generation – canvases and worksheets that come before the business model
  • Show you around our new Idea Maker Course – a self-paced ‘Super Textbook’ for teaching students to come up with and validate big ideas
  • Demo our awesome new Idea Pages – sharable like a YouTube page or Facebook profile, but for student ideas
  • Describe our new ‘Prep Mode’ – your secret recipe book that’s like teaching notes but on steroids
  • Explain that all of this is free to educators and designed to support what you’re already doing

We’ll be covering:

  • New and improved tools such as the Idea Napkin, the Idea Model, the Value Proposition Wheel, the Break It and Better It Form, and our Idea Slide Rules for validating an idea
  • Using our Idea Maker Course as a ‘Super Textbook’
  • Flipping your classroom so you can spend your class time on the right things
  • How to request a free invitation to our ‘Prep Mode’ (normally $400)
  • More about the following upcoming webinars for entrepreneurship educators:

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And many others …