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Welcome! This page is for students of the Hidalgo entrepreneurship program.

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My name is Alex Bruton and you can find out more about me and my thinking here and here. I’m looking forward to helping you with your ideas. To help me do this, please follow the steps below.

1. Prepare an idea napkin

Your first task is to prepare your idea napkin. To do this:

1. Go here »

2. Scroll down to “Open as a Google Drive template”

3. Open and name your napkin with the following format:

  • Hidalgo – Your_First_Name Your_Last_Name

4. Prepare your napkin so that it captures your new venture idea

5. When you are finished, share your napkin with:

  • Alex Bruton (alex@theinnographer.com); and
  • Your Director (esteban.sanchez@itesm.mx)


  • You should share it by clicking “Share” and adding the above addresses. You will also email it to them, but sharing it is important so they can access it and provide you with feedback.
  • You may be asked to complete a full Idea Model (a.k.a. Idea Sketch Pad) instead, or as well. If so, you can find it here »

2. Prepare a 60-90 second pitch

Your second task is to prepare a 60-90 second pitch capturing / sharing the same idea. To do this:

1. Write a script for your pitch in english and save it in Google Drive

2. Use your phone (or another video recorder) to record yourself making the pitch

3. Upload the video of your pitch to Youtube or Vimeo

4. Name the pitch with the following format:

  • Hidalgo – Your_First_Name Your_Last_Name

5. Share your pitch with Alex and your Director again.

Note: It is okay to make this video private if you don’t want it to be publicly available. Just make sure it is shared with us.

3. Let us know when you are finished

When you are finished and ready to be assessed, send an email to both Alex and your Director containing the following:

  • The link to your Idea Napkin and/or Idea Sketch Pad
  • The link to your pitch video
  • The link to your script (or, instead, feel free to embed the content of your script into the email you send)