Have your next coffee or beer with us

With all the cool work we get to do, we find ourselves sitting down pretty much every day to update each other and connect on the amazing innovation and entrepreneurship stuff we get to see and experience in the world around us. Basically, we pull up a coffee, tea, or beer – depending on the time of day – and just jam.

Learn from one of Mike's failed businesses

Learn from one of Mike’s failed businesses

Mike takes us through a real (ad)venture from a few years back + what he knows now + how you can avoid the same mistakes. (Imagine fighting off GoPro and mosquitos at the same time!) ...
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Pretendotype vs pretotype vs prototype vs the MVP

Pretendotype vs pretotype vs prototype vs the MVP

In this Coffee Jam we get into the differences between pretendotyping, pretotyping, prototyping, and the MVP - and why all that matters whether you're new or experienced. Super useful and often misunderstood ...
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We’ve been doing this for a few years now and find that these quick and informal sessions turn up some of our most important realizations and nuggets of entrepreneurial goodness – both as we try to design the best versions of our own businesses, and when we’re out there helping others do the same. The conversation flows and provides us with a sort of practical reflection that drives us forward.

One day we decided to turn on the camera so we’d have a record of these conversations. And then it struck us that it’d be pretty cool to share them out, sort of like letting people eavesdrop on us or even join us as they drink their own coffee, tea, or beer.

So here you go!

If you’re taking one of our courses or add ons then all of these coffee jams are available to you to watch at any time.

But it’s no problem if you’re not. We’ve set it up so you can schedule your next break with us – wherever you might find yourself and whatever cool stuff you might be doing. Listen in on our stories from the field. Learn about and meet some of the cool people we work with. Watch as we update each other and make sense of the crazy worlds of innovation and entrepreneurship. Get a sneak peek at early versions of our new tools and approaches. Or just hang out for a jab of motivation. And be sure to engage and tell us what you think through the comments!

Check it out and click through to schedule your next coffee or beer with us!