An updated learning experience snapshot and the Iteration 2 look-back learning reflection

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Formally update your Learning Experience Snapshot

You’ve probably been doing it all along, but now it’s time to formally update the Learning Experience Snapshot you’ve been designing. Just like I’d tell my students taking an iterative design thinking-based new venture course from me

  • It’s better to get it down even if it doesn’t feel perfect – there will be plenty more opportunities to iterate and refine
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of the act of building a new current version snapshot in time that can be shared with others – it helps you improve

The steps you should follow at this stage:

At this stage you should:

  1. At the beginning of iteration 1 you build a design baseline and at the end of it you had a formally updated version. Now go back and revisit it based on what you did here.What’s your current best version at the end of Iteration 2? Write it out as a new Learning Experience Snapshot.

If you’re part of an organized group or scholars program, you should also do your look-back learning reflection which will come to you separately.

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