There’s no expert out there on your idea, so you need to become one

But can’t I just go ask the experts?

There are lots of smart people out there who can (and will) help you – but none of them are an expert on your idea. You need to become that expert.

Right now it’s probably your instinct to want to share your idea with someone and have them tell whether it’s any good.

I get this all the time with my entrepreneurs who take a workshop from me or students who take a class with me. They do all the stuff you’ve been doing so far – the Idea Napkin, the pitches, the Idea Page, the Value Proposition Wheel among them – and then they want to share their idea with me and have me tell them how good their idea is.

I get that. After all, we’re conditioned in school and at work to submitting our work to an expert. To having them tell us if it’s any good.

And that brings us to one of the most important parts of the Idea Maker course. And one of the biggest shifts in mindset you may need to adopt: There are lots of smart people out there who can (and will) help you – but none of them is an expert on your idea. You need to become that expert.

This isn’t to say there aren’t smart and experienced people out there. Or that you don’t need to tap into that experience. You absolutely do.

And it’s not to say you’re likely to meet everyone who matters to your idea right here during Day 4.

Rather, what I’m trying to say that you need to find all of those people and do everything you can to make sure you become the smartest and most experienced person about your idea. And at this point, it’s your job to step out from behind the desk for the first time and try and learn what you can in order to make sure you’re pursuing the right idea.

Okay, tell me more

Check out the following where I discuss this in more detail.

  • 0:00 – How good is your idea?!
  • 1:03 – There is no expert on your idea – even the best investors in new ventures get it overwhelmingly wrong
  • 1:41 – Didn’t I make all this up? And how do I get past my own assumptions and into the real world?
  • 2:37 – The two forms of feedback for creating your own assessment
  • 3:45 – Adopting the designer mindset, “breaking” your idea, and failure as success
  • 5:18 – Getting ready to reliably assess your idea (in Day 5)
  • 6:02 – Go become the expert on your idea

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