Confirming you did the early ideastorming

When we first met in class I asked you to do a simple ideastorming mission to come up with 25 ideas and then narrow those down to your “best” ten.

To finish off this mini course, I’d ask you to submit those ten ideas using the forms linked below. I’m not going to judge your ideas – there is no right or wrong. Rather, I want to confirm that you’re at the right stage in our ideation process.

This is the last lesson of the mini course. And like the last two, I’ll be auditing the results just to make sure you took it seriously and are not in need some feedback from me. If the audit goes well you’ll keep your mini badges. Otherwise I’ll revoke them temporarily until I can be in touch to give you some feedback or help you however I might be able to.

And please be clear:

  • The ideas you submit cannot be right or wrong. Rather, I’m just trying to confirm your engagement with process so far and whether you need any help from me with the basics of submitting things through this site.
  • The ideas you submit are just for you at this stage of the process, e.g. I’m not going to share them with anyone else. But, as discussed in class, you’re asked not to share any idea in this course that you’re not comfortable having shared with anyone in or related to the class activities – we can’t protect any of the ideas and while some great ideas will likely come from what you’re going to do, the main goal is to learn what’s needed to make that happen.

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