Getting set up on Google Drive

This lesson is about developing (or just demonstrating) your basic proficiency using Google Drive. We’re going to use it pretty extensively for collaborating on, sharing, and submitting work.

Step 1: Find your individual work and class folders

When you sign back into Google Drive » you should now see some new folders:

  • A class folder (named after our class); and
  • Some team folders (including one for your team with the name you gave it).

They’ll be located under the “Shared with me” section of Google Drive.

(If you don’t see these it’s most likely because you haven’t finished the earlier mini-badges, so I didn’t know about your gmail coordinates when I set up the folders. If that’s you then you should email me directly and let me know when that’s done. Otherwise the folders you need in this lesson won’t have been set up.)

If you still don’t see these folders and think you should then:

  • Make sure you’re looking in the “Shared with me” section
  • Make sure you’re signed in with the right gmail account
  • Contact me in case something went wrong in the set up


  1. The class and team folders are accessible by everyone in the class on purpose – until we get to the final round (the one that counts for your final grade), I want everyone to be able to see everyone else’s work and the feedback they receive from our guests.
  2. This process is how I’ll also be sharing an individual folder with you later in which you can submit your Un-exam. That one will be named after you and only accessible by you and me.

Step 2: Add the folders to your drive

Next, you should select these folders, right click on them, and choose the option “Add to My Drive”. This will make them available to you for editing, collaborating, and sharing purposes.

Once you’ve done this, click on “My Drive” and make sure you see the folders in the list there too.

Step 3: Add a new file to your team folder

Now to demonstrate your Google Drive proficiency, create a new Google Doc in your team folder by:

  • Clicking the blue “NEW” button
  • Selecting “Google Docs”
  • Renaming the document with your name and a descriptive title, e.g. someone named Mary Smith might name it:
    • Mary Smith’s Test Doc for the Google Drive Mini Badge
  • Writing something (anything really for this test document) right into the document itself

Step 4: Put a copy of the new document into the class folder

When you finish the last step above, you should find a new file in your individual work folder.

To finish this lesson, you need to copy the same document into our class folder.

To do this:

  • Open your individual work folder
  • Right click on the document and select “Make a copy”
  • Right click on the newly created copy and select “Move to …”
  • Figure out how to move the copy into our class folder

Step 5: “Collaborate” with someone

Do this by finding someone else’s file in the class folder and adding some content to it. (If you’re first then come back later once someone else arrives …)

One more step!

You’re almost finished.

After the deadline, I will check that you’ve done everything right. If something’s missing or not right then you’ll get some feedback and your mini badge will be temporarily revoked. (This is a manual process and will only happen after the review is finished.)

Finally, keep in mind the spirit of this mini course. The only point is to make sure everyone knows the basics of some of the tools we’ll be using. You don’t have to have mastered them yet, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help – getting us all on the same page is what this is all about.

And if all of this is new, you might also watch a few overview videos like this one »

So if you’re confident then just click below to mark this lesson complete and move on.

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