Getting your design baseline down in an opening snapshot

This lesson is meant to help you turn the ideas you have about your project so far into a succinct and nimble design baseline. This will be the first snapshot in a series of snapshots that will evolve through the iterations. It’s also meant to boil things down so we can focus in the early stages on the most fundamental components and build from there.

Check out the video tutorial below for guidance on how to make this happen for yourself. And then get to it with the worksheets below.

The “Learning Experience Snapshot”

This is the basic snapshot template we want you to use. The task is to simplify and communicate your whole project into this format so it can be shared with others.

We’d also encourage you to print it off and do it with pen, paper, and Post-It Notes first. Put anything distracting away, clear your mind, and let yourself focus on the fundamentals of what your project is really all about.

This format doesn’t contain everything you need to make it happen – and you may even need multiple snapshots if your work has several moving parts – but you’re going to find it to be a powerful tool for assuring impact in this and future iterations.

“Your Context and Your Why” worksheet

This is an extra worksheet we find useful as a bridge between the full plan and the snapshot. In some ways, it’s also useful because the lens includes elements of how this work is important and how the project you have in mind came about.

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