Learn a little about Innovation Literacy and how these tools are used to foster innovation

A few years ago I had the chance to deliver a TEDx talk about Innovation Literacy.

I’d like you to check it out for a little more background on the topics we’re going to be studying:

And I worked recently to help a technology company build the front end of its innovation pipeline using the same tools we’re going to be using in this course. I’d like you to check out what one of their leaders has to say too:

  • 0:00 – Who is Kevin Crowe, Executive VP Strategy at Long View Systems?
  • 0:47 – What problem were you trying to solve?
  • 1:48 – What were you doing before, and what’s changed?
  • 3:08 – How did you build a business where the best ideas win?
  • 4:26 – What kinds of outcomes have you seen?
  • 5:19 – How did all of this improve your team dynamics and culture?
  • 6:45 – Did it really turn ‘innovation’ from a talking point into action?
  • 7:58 – Can you give us an example of something tangible you stood up?
  • 9:01 – Do you have a message for leaders trying to make innovation real?
  • 10:28 – How will it fit within my context?
  • 11:09 – How quickly can someone make this happen?

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