Pressure-testing your own snapshot

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Okay! You’ve got your snapshot in hand, providing you with a nimble design baseline. And you know all about the notion of constructive alignment and my assertion that deeply aligned learning environments will take you from merely having impacts to assuring impacts – I’ve proposed that this is one of the key factors is designing the version of your concept that leads to the most significant learning possible.
This lesson is about you sitting down to pressure-test your design baseline against this criterion. A period of asking yourself: how well constructively aligned is my design, really? And of diverging and converging until you feel that you’ve got a handle on what’s most likely your best next step forward.

Check out this video tutorial for a little guidance on how to make this happen for yourself. And then get to it with the modified version of the Learning Experience Snapshot found below.

The “Constructively Aligned Learning Experience Snapshot”

This is almost the same as the basic snapshot template you used last time. The difference is just the emphasis on the three key components and the requirement for tight constructive alignment. The task is to focus on pressure-testing that aspect of your design so you think it represents your best foot forward.

Again, we’d encourage you to print it off and do it with pen, paper, and Post-It Notes first. Put anything distracting away, clear your mind, and let yourself focus on the fundamentals of what your project is really all about. And this time, on what else might be out there to inspire diverging and converging to the most aligned version of your idea.

A snapshot like this still doesn’t contain everything you need to make your design a reality – so you may be working with multiple snapshots. As discussed in the video above, alignment is key in all dimensions, so look for it in every aspect of your design.

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