Now, what’s really motivating you in this work?

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You’ve just considered the learning motivations of your students. Now what are yours?

This more informal lesson is just an invitation to get a little meta and reflect on the work you’re doing. Make or buy yourself a cup of coffee, or pull up a beer. And do a little personal reflection before diving any deeper with your project. If you look at it as a learning project in its own right – your own learning. Do you have the right motivations / mindset? Or is there a version of your learning experience that would better serve you?

The Learning Motivation Map

Here’s the Learning Motivation Map again just so it’s handy.

PDF version »

Google Drive version » (coming soon)

The steps you should follow at this stage:

As described in the video above, we want you to:

  1. Book a little time with yourself to reflect on the experience you’re going through here as a learning experience, and on what is / has been / could be driving you to do that learning.
  2. Ask yourself: With which learning motivation mindset did I come into this project? What are the key things driving me to learn / do this project? 
  3. Ask yourself: Is it the right project? Or could I focus things a little differently with this perspective in mind?
  4. Make any updates you see fit to your Learning Experience Snapshot.

Overall, this is just a chance to pause and reflect with a bit of a selfish lens.

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