Why do the Value Proposition Wheel if I don’t even know if my idea is any good yet?

We got a really great question the other day from someone tackling the Idea Maker. They wanted to know why we’d suggest the Value Proposition Wheel and doing the other value-related work in this mini course before even knowing whether their idea’s any good?

We got to chatting about it. And decided to record and share our conversation.

Check out the following in which Mike shares an everyday example intended to help people understand the importance of analyzing things a little deeper at this early stage.

  • 0:00 – Really good question
  • 0:19 – Mike’s example: “That seems like a good idea, but why is nobody ever in there?!”
  • 1:23 – Using the Value Proposition Wheel and pre-personas as a lens to understand
  • 2:11 – What they missed + the classic “everyone is our customer” situation
  • 3:24 – Starting to go deeper than most people do
  • 5:00 – Otherwise you’ll never know if your idea’s good
  • 6:00 – And here’s how easy it is to fool yourself
  • 7:20 – So spend an hour now to save a ton of time later
  • 7:49 – Rounding out Mike’s example

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