What if I told you it’s possible to start that new business?

This course was designed with you in mind – Helping you validate your idea on your own time and it won’t break the bank.

It’s time to start!

We learned a lot of sh!t the hard way – Let us help you come up with the best version of your idea. Remember that you’re never too old to level up in life or follow your dream and we’re here to show you the most efficient way to start.

mike le

And I’m Mike Le!

I met Alex a bunch of years ago now through one of his past students who was then a business partner of mine. And even though I’d been an entrepreneur several times and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs through my own web marketing company over the years, I knew that Alex was onto something special.

He wasn’t like any teacher I’d ever had. His classes weren’t like the classes I’d disliked so much when I was in school. And his tools were super practical. They really worked.

It was clear from the start that the stuff we’ve now built into The Idea Maker Course was filling an important gap between hunch and implementation.

It was helping people avoid wasting their time and money on the wrong things. It was literally accelerating their experience gaining and boosting their success.

For my part, I knew in my early twenties that I didn’t want to work in the corporate world anymore and wanted to do the things that I was passionate about. As I set out on my own I can tell you that I made more than my share of mistakes on the journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Mistakes that no amount of business models or business plans would have helped me avoid.

I’m truly hoping that what you find on these pages will help you help your students do some great learning and go on to live their best lives.

Here’s to you teaching a super course!


Hi, I’m Alex Bruton!

I still remember the day – over a decade ago now. A new semester was starting and I was supposed to teach my students using the business model canvas and the business plan. And I was under pressure for my students to be coming up with and working on better, more impactful, and, ideally, more fundable ideas.

For sure I’d tweaked some stuff in the break between semesters, but in my heart I knew it wasn’t going to work. Three months later, my students’s ideas would mostly still suck …

The Idea Maker Course and open toolkit were born in that moment. I knew I could do better by my students. I knew I could give them a better foundation both for my own course and for what would follow – in our program and in the world around us.

The approaches have improved a lot since then. They’re the result of practical experience and the best of what’s found in the literature.

I’ve used them myself to teach and coach thousands of entrepreneurial students and their teachers. They’re used by thousands of educators at hundreds of schools and universities from Waterloo, to Mexico, to the USA, to the UK. They’ve won national and international awards. And they’ve formed the basis of many entrepreneurial ventures and corporate innovation practices, including our own.

I’m so honored to share it all with you here in the form of a modern ‘textbook’ that you can steal from, assign to your students (so you can spend your in-class time more wisely), and use to coach your most promising leaders to a better future.

Thanks for being here!