By Alex Bruton, Ph.D.

Hello! This course activity schedule if for you if you’re one of my summer research students between May and August 2019. There will be two threads to your work: 1) Doing some research of your own; and 2) Experiencing parts of the course I usually deliver to my students, so you have the context on which to draw. This page is to support the latter. The schedule below is meant as a guide and reference for us to make sure we stay on the same page, and so we can look back at what you will have accomplished over the summer.

This welcome video  is for a class of MBA students I taught in Mexico recently, but I thought you might want to see it too since you’ll be taking the same course from me over the coming weeks.

Activity schedule

Hello and welcome! This is our teaching and learning Activity Schedule for the course portion of our time together this summer.

You can collapse / or expand each date range below for details. Check it to stay current.

May 1-5: Getting your feet under you

This is your first week on the job. Welcome! The main goals are to help you get oriented to the department, and for you to get started with a few things.

This summer will begin with you going through a course with me – much as my own students do. And then, once you’ve got enough of that experience under your belt, you’ll begin your research project.

Tasks for the week

Individual tasksBefore next week you are asked to:
  • Connect with Monica and/or Courtney as might be needed to get keys and other logistics arranged, such as where to sit, and access to computers
  • Attend the Undergraduate Researcher Onboarding Session at 10 am on May 2
  • Complete the two online courses (Hazard Assessment Training and Occupational Health and Safety) and get the PDF certificates to Courtenay when done
  • Earn Mini-badge #1 » before the end of the day on Thursday
  • Begin working through Level 1 of the Idea Maker Course »  (Note that I’ll be granting you free access to this after you’ve completed Mini-badge #1, so there’s no need to purchase it)
  • Meet with me Friday morning (see below)
Team tasksBefore next week you are also asked to:
  • Meet and get to know the other summer research students in the Microlab
  • Go for coffee with each other to learn more about each other’s backgrounds and interests, and explore how you might be able to help each other out this summer.

Time together this week

TimeActivities and topicsThings due or required
Friday morning at 8:20 amWe’ll have our first coffee chat to connect.-

May 6-12: Some Basic Training

This is your second week. Yahoo! We’re going to begin your ‘basic training’ which will help you get ready for the upcoming Venture Design Studio.

Time together this week

TimeActivities and topicsThings due or required
Mon at 9:30 amToday I’ll provide an introduction to the course and we’ll begin your basic training.-
Wed at 10:30We’ll continue the basic training. We’ll do our second ideation warm up and begin the discussion about the Ideation Fundamentals to be treated on Quiz 1. Then we’ll do something I call Brute Force ideation - a quick, crude, but full cycle for coming up with ideas. We’ll seed that process using the ideas you came up with in the personal ideastorming assignment.Individually:
  • Find the Google Drive folders I set up for you (you can do this with Mini-badge 2 if you’re not sure)
  • Do your Personal Ideastorming assignment with the Occipital constraint
  • Create an Idea Napkin for your ’best’ idea so far (you can refer to Level 1 of the Idea Maker Course for guidance here)
  • Complete the reading on Deliberate Opportunity Design
  • Create (and share via our Google Drive folder) a document summarizing the sample engineering portfolios you found and some ideas and recommendations for moving forward

Other tasks for the week

Individual tasksTBA
Team tasksTBA

Stay tuned right here for more activities.

At a glance

The table below summarizes the key due dates for the course portion of your experience. The activity schedule should be consulted for full details. All dates are subject to change and I will discuss with you /  make you aware of any required changes.

May 1First day!
May 2
May 8
  • Mini-badge #2 due
  • Personal Ideastorming assignment due
  • Idea Napkin due
  • Deliberate Opportunity Design reading
  • Portfolio assignment

Stay tuned for further details in the table above.

Other details will be posted here as required.