The Straight Up Toolkit

Helping you (learn to) start

These tools help you start and grow pretty much anything. And they’re completely free through our Creative Commons license. What are you waiting for? Get started!

The Right Idea

This topic is all about helping you turn your own ideas (or those of the teams you’re on) into Really Big Value ideas – those that can’t help having an impact in the world around us – because they are at the same time highly impactful and eminently feasible.

The Idea Napkin

The Idea Napkin is a tool for people who want to start and lead something impactful – whether it’s a trendy restaurant, a high tech venture, a social business, or a personal project of passion. It’s to help you start, or come back to basics when needed.

We’ll be rolling out the rest of the tools in the coming months. Check out our roadmap » for details.