Building the Right Idea

(vs. Just Building an Idea Right)

So often in life and in business we spend inordinate amounts of time on ideas that simply don’t merit it. Or on versions of our ideas that are not as good as what they could be.

Have you ever spent months (or years?!) working on that idea your boss or your colleague came up with? Without ever really assessing it? Have you heard of those entrepreneurs who mortgaged their homes to help them build a product of passion? Without ever getting out and testing it?

So rarely do we take the little bit of time and exercise the small amount of discipline that would quickly turn one of our ideas into a really big value idea.

In the videos found here we provide a first look at innovation literacy and you’ll drill down to one of the most powerful of the literacies called Really Big Value Ideation. It’s all about helping you turn your own ideas (or those of the teams you’re on) into ideas that can’t help having an impact in the world around us – because they are at the same time highly impactful and eminently feasible.

What's under the hood?

Video on Innovation Literacy • Video on “Implementing the Right Idea (vs. Just Implementing an Idea Right” • Links to supporting tools and worksheets so you can get to work right away