We love this website. And all the innovation-y and entrepreneurship-y goodness it contains. It’s our passion and has us jumping out of bed every morning.

But it’s also a goal of ours to put this kind of website into the hands of any smart teacher, professor, educational entrepreneur or startup, incubator manager, center director, or professional organization that wants one – in any field or discipline – in effect helping them use the web to share their most passionate and important work, and turning it into their very own authoring canvas, education or course website, and/or personal publishing tool.

Learn more below and, if this is you, tell us about yourself.

We believe that the most advanced top-shelf educational tools and websites needn’t just be the domain of well-funded startup companies. And in the coming months we’re looking to work with leading academic, corporate, nonprofit, health/fitness, and entrepreneurial leaders to bring the following to life. Let us know if you want to be one of them!

Benefits such as:

  • Strengthening your identity as a leading educator, program, or education-based startup
  • Building a brand and a following through a unique top-shelf web presence and effective and efficient inbound and social media efforts
  • Having multiple teachers or faculty contributors, each of which can simply contribute content or can be responsible for groups of students
  • Gamifying your educational ot course content and offering open badges and certification
  • Having an impact in areas ranging from technical, social science, and humanities academics, to school teachers, to sports courses and programs, to wellness and personal training

Business and revenue models such as:

  • Our Open Course Model (develop and share open access curricula and courses – for as small as one topic or course, or as large as your whole program)
  • Our Profit Course Model (develop and share profit-making curricula and courses) and
  • Your own custom business model through combinations of our Ed Revenue Models:
    • 1) everything completely free and open access, e.g. via Creative Commons
    • 2) fee to access content
    • 3) fee to access mini courses
    • 4) fee to access master courses
    • 5) fee for feedback
    • 6) fee to certify

Features such as:

  • Principle Investigator or Company Leadership pages
  • Biography and Team pages
  • Teaching and Research pages
  • Book Release and Speaking pages
  • Embedded or downloadable e-books
  • Online publication lists and biographies
  • Integration with on-demand book publishers
  • Free or subscribed personal or institutional newsletters, blogs, magazines, or journals
  • Educational store fronts
  • Courses with Lesson and Topic pages
  • Beautiful equations using LaTeX (for those who need them)
  • Editing features as easy as Microsoft Word