We learned a lot of things the hard way

But now we jump out of bed every day. Loving what we do.

mike le

Hi, I’m Mike Le!

I knew in my early twenties that I didn’t want to work in the corporate world anymore and wanted to do the things that I was passionate about. As I set out on my own I can tell you that I’ve made more than my share of mistakes on my journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

After a few failed businesses and a ton of heartache I’m happy to say that I’ve finally built a life that I don’t need a vacation from and I look forward to every new day.

I’m truly hoping that through the Idea Maker Course we’ve developed you will also get a chance to define and develop that amazing idea that allows you to live your true life’s vision.

Here’s to the next part of the journey. Now go crush those goals!


And I’m Alex Bruton!

At some point a few decades ago, I lost track of what I liked most. The stuff I’d lose myself in as a kid. Sure I’d get glimpses, usually after the work day was over. But for a while there I think actually I believed that real life couldn’t come with that kind of passion.

Now I love the things I get to do – by design. But to get here I had to leap off of two careers, build several startups, and make a whole bunch of mistakes. And a big part of it was figuring out how to engineer big ideas into existence for myself.

The Idea Maker Course will help you accelerate to that place too. In it we help people as we’d help our past selves – if only we could – straight up, and with the best tools in our toolbox. Get your (ad)ventures right the first time and find your best next self in the process.

Thanks for being here!