When you have this competency you are able to …

… take an idea, in whatever form it may start out,  and articulate it in a structured way that can be assessed and shared with others. It’s not necessarily about the idea being any good (yet). Rather, it’s just about the basic ability to get an idea from the mind onto paper – something most of us don’t do beyond a few words sent by email or scratched into a notebook. And it’s about doing it in a way that will set you up for taking an honest look at your idea and then making it better through a process of deliberate idea design.

You can achieve various levels of ability here:

Unconscious competence
Is aware

This is a key entrepreneurial competency, meaning it’s an ability you’re able to carry out – something you’re able to do – as a result of the learning opportunities you’re going through. It depends on the key behaviors and knowledge outlined on the right side of the page. And it can be built using the tools and approaches linked at the bottom of the page. This competency-behavior-knowledge structure follows from our Enabling Competency Model, which is in turn intended to: 1) help cut through some of the rhetoric associated with innovation and entrepreneurship competencies, e.g. branding over rigor, having an impact vs. assuring an impact; 2) make clear what you can learn using our tools and approaches; and 3) help you share with others what our mini badges and WEE Degrees certify.