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The Straight Up Educator’s Hub is a cross between a secret recipe book relentlessly focused on helping educators and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on steroids. The goal is to help you design the best possible teaching and learning environments in which learners can design and implement really big value ideas.

Most of the content requires registration as an educator. And some of it is just for those us actively using the Idea Maker Course for Educators in our classrooms.

Dream Entrepreneurship Course Syllabus

This is the full syllabus resulting from the Dream Entrepreneurship Course Experiment, designed to build out and share a whole entrepreneurship course. Eavesdrop on our design process, check out the whole syllabus, or borrow just the parts you need.

Stay tuned for lots more topics and tools to roll out. And while you’re here, be sure to check out our free open access idea generation toolkit »

An invitation to join us

  • 0:00 – You help people be more entrepreneurial!
  • 0:57 – We GET to do this
  • 1:50 – Being an entrepreneur ≠ being able to teach and foster entrepreneurship & innovation
  • 2:56 – 10 years from now the leading entrepreneurial educator will be very different than today
  • 3:39 – What’s your 5-year plan as an educator?
  • 4:41 – Getting beyond “can you teach entrepreneurship?” to building tomorrow’s learning environments
  • 5:31 – Toward accelerated experience gaining and competencies for assuring an impact
  • 7:36 – Join us in making what sometimes seems like magic happen (even while expertly stickhandling the students, course outlines, department chairs, entrepreneurs, VCs and all the other realities you face every day as an entrepreneurship educator)

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We use the same approach as Harvard Business Publishing for registering educators, meaning that if you demonstrate that you’re a teacher then we’re eager to provide you with access.

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Benefits of having
educator access

As our content rolls out, the following will be available to educators. We want to be your secret recipe!

  • Guidance and educator tutorial content, embedded right into every mini course
  • Examples and resources not found in the mini-courses that you can use with your students
  • Insight into leading edge approaches such as how to gamify a class or course (a subset of our approaches to Accelerated Experience Gaining and World Embedded Education)
  • Lecture notes and teaching notes (e.g. in Microsoft Word format)
  • Slides and visuals (e.g. in Microsoft Powerpoint format)
  • Tools and assessment templates (e.g. in Google Spreadsheets and Excel)
  • Curriculum design and implementation notes
  • Various approaches and alternatives to assessment that support development of the desired competencies
  • Sample course outline content and activity schedules and scenarios
  • Invitations to enter to win our teaching prizes
  • An educational discount code for you and your students (for any products, such as our Idea Slide Rules or Idea Design Kits, that you may wish to purchase in the future)
  • Updates received by email on important tools and approaches you can use in your work as an educator