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Welcome to Level 2 of the Idea Maker Course!

We’re going to pick up right where we left off in Level 1 and help you become what we call a Big Idea Maker – someone who knows their customers better than those customers know themselves, and who can deliver razor-sharp value for everyone in the landscape around them.

You’re going to use the Value Proposition Wheel to do this. You’ll test how well your idea stacks up against the three value proposition tests. And we’ll look at common things to avoid such as the ‘Everyone is our customer’ trap. We’ll bring the whole thing to life with carefully chosen examples and guidance that we’ve honed over the years in a bunch of different contexts working with some very exciting people.

Let’s jump right in …


What’s coming and why it’s so important

It’s time to start figuring out who your customer really is. Here’s what’s coming and why it’s so important:


Get yourself a copy of the Value Proposition Wheel

The Value Proposition Wheel

We use this Value Proposition Wheel all the time in our own businesses. It doesn’t matter whether we’re starting something new or trying to improve on a going concern. And it’s helped us in non-profit, for-profit, low-tech, high-tech, startup, and corporate venture contexts.

As you’ll see, it works by getting you to look around your proposed value network – the landscape of people who care (or might care!) about your idea – in a smart way to go deeper than we usually do.

You can print off the PDF version which we love for its tactile nature. (It fits best on a Tabloid sized page which is 11 x 17 inches but works at different sizes too.) Or you can use the Google Docs version which we like too because it allows us to easily collaborate on and share our ideas with others.

So get out your Idea Napkin(s) and pull up a Value Proposition Wheel!

This is best printed on Tabloid paper (11 x 17 inches in size)


Take in the lessons below!

Same drill as last time … just click through the lessons below when you’re ready to begin!

Learn more and unlock the lessons below now! 
Or, if you are registered, be sure to sign back in »