Making teaching a bit easier and inspiring better learning environments

It’s a new school year and if you’re like me that means you’re busy – busy trying to make it all go, but also busy trying to make your classes as good as you can over the coming months.

I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new Straight Up Educator’s Hub!

For years I’ve been sharing tools and approaches with educators at workshops and through follow up emails. This hub provides a better way to do that, through which you can jump in, find things, remix them, and go.

My vision is for it to become part go-to secret recipe book for teachers in our field and part frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on steroids.

How it works

We use the same approach as Harvard Business Publishing for registering educators, meaning that once you demonstrate that you’re a teacher then you’re good to go. And it’s totally free for educators.

Register and access it right here »

A personal invitation

This is part of broader efforts we’re making to try and bring together and elevate the work of those of us who teach and design the environments for learning innovation entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Please take a moment or two to watch the following and consider this in the context of the important work we do as teachers.

  • 0:00 – You help people be more entrepreneurial!
  • 0:57 – We GET to do this
  • 1:50 – Being an entrepreneur ≠ being able to teach and foster entrepreneurship & innovation
  • 2:56 – 10 years from now the leading entrepreneurial educator will be very different than today
  • 3:39 – What’s your 5-year plan as an educator?
  • 4:41 – Getting beyond “can you teach entrepreneurship?” to building tomorrow’s learning environments
  • 5:31 – Toward accelerated experience gaining and competencies for assuring an impact
  • 7:36 – Join us in making what sometimes seems like magic happen (even while expertly stickhandling the students, course outlines, department chairs, entrepreneurs, VCs and all the other realities you face every day as an entrepreneurship educator)

Thanks for being here!



P.S. If there’s something we can help you with then please don’t hesitate to let me know. We’re building out the hub content in response to the work we do every day to help people who teach and learn this stuff.