Straight Up resources to be shared at the Academy of Management (AoM 2017) meeting

My colleague Dr. Andrew Maxwell and his co-author Dr. Robert McNamee will be presenting a session at the upcoming Academy of Management (AoM) meeting in Atlanta on the topic of Creating a Shared Online Course in Innovation and Creativity » (August 4, 2017)

They’re running the session as a showcase of resources for innovation and creativity (for entrepreneurship faculty). They’ll be showing off their own new courses and inviting people to use the content (they have about six of thirty lessons completed to date).

The overall idea is to create a sharing and feedback community in the area of resources for innovation and entrepreneurship.

And in that spirit they’re inviting participants to share their own content and to help identify gaps.

Their kind invitation

After learning of our newly released free Creative Commons ideation toolkit, Andrew reached out to invite us to share a video and some of our tools for inclusion in the showcase.

Our invitations to you

In this context, we are pleased to extend the following three invitations to you (watch the video or read about them below):


Check out our newly released free Creative Commons ideation toolkit

Our free Creative Commons ideation toolkit includes PDF and Google Drive versions of our Idea Napkin, Idea Model, Value Proposition Wheel, Break It & Better It form, and a suite of tools such as our Idea Slide Rules for assessing and validating the impact and feasibility of your idea.


Request an invitation to try our Idea Maker Master Teacher resources for free

Our free Idea Maker Master Teacher resources will include a series of webinars starting later this month and what we call ‘Prep Mode’ which is design to share teaching notes, best practices, and how tos (such as how to use the tools, how to structure a lesson, how to flip the classroom, how to assess your students, and how to get your students assessing themselves)


Consider giving your students access to our Idea Maker Course

The Idea Maker Course gives learners access to a self-guided learning experience (think of it as one heck of an online textbook), two of their very own Idea Pages, and access to a bunch of other great stuff that allows you to flip your classroom and spend your teaching time most productively.

If you sign in at this link you can also try out some of our favorite lessons and topics, including Day 4: Break It & Better It (which we knew was working when we had our own students come back to class after having figured out for themselves that their idea wasn’t any good).

Hope you’ll join us!

Thanks Andrew and Robert for thinking of us. And good luck with the session!